It is important to have the right proportion of keywords in your post text, but there are many other places where the keywords should be present for a well-optimized post.

One such place is the post’s Title meta tag.

What is the “title” meta tag?

A meta tag is an HTML element that is present in the <head> section of your post’s HTML code.

(Although the title tag is not technically a meta tag – like the keywords meta tag and the description meta tag – it is a meta tag for all practical purposes since it appears in the head section along with the meta tags).

A meta tag contains information about a webpage, and as you would have guessed, the title meta tag has the information about the page’s title.

Basically, the title meta tag tells the search engine spiders what the title of the webpage is. This is the hyperlinked text that is displayed in search result pages (SERPs) of search engines like Google.

Difference between title meta tag and post title

Do not mistake the title meta tag with the post’s title – these are two different things (although they can be, and usually are, the same by default).

The title of the post is something that is visible as the post title to readers on your blog. On the other hand, the title meta tag is the text that is displayed in the title bar (the top blue bar of a window) of the browser.

Importance of having keywords in the “title” meta tag

So why is the title meta tag important? Because it is the element of a webpage that search engines pay the most attention to.

Yes, the title tag is the most important element of any webpage in terms of SEO – and therefore, it makes tremendous sense to have your keyword appear in it.

Also, since this is the hyperlinked text displayed to the users in search engine result pages (SERPs), it helps to have the keywords there – after all, it would be more tempting to the searchers to click the link and come to your blog if that link contains the keywords they are searching for.

How to put keywords in the title tag?

In most blogging software, by default, the title of your blog post becomes the title of the webpage, as well. So, if you have your keywords in the title of your post, the title tag would automatically have the keywords.

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