The groundwork for good SEO

Ok, so you have done the groundwork for writing your posts:

  • You are writing one post per keyword
  • You have the correct keyword density in your post while making sure that you haven’t stuffed the post with the keyword
  • You have used the keyword at all the right places in the post
  • You also have the keyword in the title tag of the post

(Please note that when I say “keyword”, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one word. It can be a group of words that you have chosen as your keyword. In fact, it is better to select a group of words as your keyword)

Should you be doing something else before you hit the “publish” button?

Yes! Read on.

Use heading tags, and have keywords in them

HTML has something called the “heading tags” which are used to indicate that a piece of text is a heading.

Search engines pay more attention to the text within these heading tags compared to the rest of the blog post text – after all, headings give a summary of the content that follows.

So, use the heading tags liberally in your posts.

There are six levels of headings in HTML – H1 to H6. Here, H1 is the most important (and has the largest font size), and H6 is the smallest (and has the smallest font size).

Usually, the H1 tags are used by your theme for post titles – which is very good for SEO because the post title anyway contains the keywords.

You need to use the other heading tags – H2 through H6 – for your headings and subheadings – and make sure that you have keywords in these headings.

This way, the search engines would pay even more attention to the keywords, helping you in your SEO efforts.

Highlight – Bold, Italics, Underline

Another thing that is often ignored is using different types of text decorations for keywords – like making them bold, italicized or underlining them.

This gives emphasis to the keywords and makes them more important for the search engine spiders.

Also, it makes your text more readable (user-friendly) for the visitors, and they get a better user experience – again, something that modern search engines like Google simply love!

But please ensure that you don’t overdo it – too much bold or italicized text means your text would be difficult to read, and it would result in negative SEO!

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