Background – Keywords in the page title tag

It is very important to have your keyword in the “title” tag of your pages. This is one element the search engine spiders pay the most attention to in your blog post.


SEO Title Tag Plugin for WordPress (WP)

By default, WordPress has your post title as the meta title as well.

But most of the time, you would want to have the meta title different from the post title – for example, you may want to include variations of the keyword in the title.

The SEO Title Tag plugin for WP helps you do exactly that. Not just this, it even allows you to change the post slug (the URL of the blog post) so that you can include keywords in it!

Important Features of the “SEO Title Tag” plugin

  • You can define custom titles for:
    • A post
    • A page
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Any URL that you specify – like an author archive or a date based archive
  • You can set custom slugs for:
    • A post
    • A page
  • The plugin automatically puts your blog’s name at the end of the title (instead of the beginning), so that the most important keywords are visible first
  • You can specify the custom post title in the “New Post” or “Edit Post” admin pages
  • You can define a custom title for 404 error pages as well
  • There is a facility for mass editing of titles and slugs

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