Among various blogging sites, WordPress is noted for its simplicity and user-friendly interface in creating and publishing blogs. Not to mention that it has a variety of templates to choose from and it assists bloggers in many respects. But though most popular blogging programs are available, WordPress stands first in satisfying the various needs of the bloggers. This will help you to learn the tips, tricks and other information about WordPress blogs. These details will also help interested bloggers to make their decision, whether to go for WordPress or to try out something else.

Why should you choose WordPress?

There are so many reasons, why one should choose a WordPress blog. WordPress boasts a great variety of attractive and customizable templates and it helps one in different things like being able to insert tags easily, helping to check the spelling, preview mode and autosave option, enabling the bloggers to post text files, audio files and video files, ability to track statistical data along with so many other excellent features. One may decide to choose WordPress on account of these useful features as some bloggers consider them to be must for organic SEO.

How to start a blog with WordPress

Bloggers who want to start a new blog with WordPress need not worry about the time. You can do this within a few minutes. So for those bloggers who do not wish to take a long time to get their blog up and running, you may want to opt for WordPress for its simplicity. All you need to start a blog is a valid email address and a username. Once a blogger signs up for WordPress he gets a password immediately. Then he should check his inbox for a mail from WordPress and click the activation link to activate the account with the provided password. You can either start to blog immediately or begin customizing your theme or plugins.

Additional Support for WordPress Beginners

Some newbies may need additional supports initially because, as it is the first time, they would be haunted by various questions about the basic features of blogging and when they move further, they may need technical assistance regarding the advanced features in it. WordPress caters to the need of all the bloggers, of all the levels. One may even contact the support staff or get support from online forums, which are very active and chances are your question has already been asked.

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