This is the fifth article in Google Mythbuster series, and today I’ll talk a little about backlinks and content, which is the one that Google gives more preference? Let’s start:

Now, if you search for “get post ideas” keywords in Google, this post of mine appears on the front page. Have a look:

My blog page rank is zero it does not get huge traffic as compared to other sites in the search result then why my post came on the first page, I’ll tell you the reason.

The reason that my post came on the first page was:

  • Selection of keywords was good.
  • Using those keywords in the title and description helped me to get on top.
  • The most important point is that the content was original and fresh. I do not know how Google defines original content but it has more importance than backlinks.

Now, let’s analyze the search page again. Here is the page rank of the pages that came up while searching for “get post ideas” :

  • Post Page Rank 5
  • Post Page Rank 0
  • Post Page Rank 4
  • Post Page Rank 3
  • Post Page Rank 3

Did you see, my zero page rank post outranked articles with page rank 3 or 4 and this was all because of original content and how we select keywords and use it in our post.

These are the three main factors that Google consider first and then backlinks. So, do not rely upon only on backlinks to get on top position rather work on writing good search engine optimized content.

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