After a few time of blogging, Bloggers usually face a problem where they run out of ideas. Many bloggers, quit blogging or lose interest in their blog. In today’s article, I am going to give you a few tips that will help you to get unlimited post ideas and you will never run out of ideas in your life. Let’s start :

Analyze popular blogs

If you lack post ideas, go to popular blogs in your niche and analyze their articles. See, what topics they are covering, adapt their topics and start writing on them. Doing this will help you get unlimited post ideas.

Read comments

Go the popular blogs and look for the best articles, read user comments. If any user has asked any question and no one has replied to it, write a blog post about it.

Use forums helpdesk

First, make a list of top forums in your niche and go to their help-desk, read the questions asked by other forum members, answer their question on your blog.

Write about the latest news

Do not forget to write on various latest happenings in your niche. Write a detailed article on it and share your views about it. You can read other blogs for getting more and more information about the news.

Write “Top 10 Collection Post”

If you’ve nothing to write, select a topic and collect top 10 articles around the web, make a list with proper screenshots and share the list with your readers.

Enhance previous articles

Re-read your previous articles, if you’ve something new to add, make a new post and add those points to it.

Use Delicious

Delicious is a good way to get post ideas, open Delicious and in the search box type a keyword that suits your niche, you will get a lot of links, you can easily get new ideas reading the titles.

Use StumbleUpon

In my old blog I used to review freeware, I used StumbleUpon to search for new freeware. You will come across something new while stumbling. Install SU toolbar and get post ideas for free!

Write the opposite view

Read other blogs and if someone has written in favour of something, in your blog write against it but do keep a rule in your mind that “DO NOT INSULT OTHER BLOGGERS IN ANY WAY”


You might have heard or read a term called “One Question Interview”, prepare a list of top professionals in your niche and send them a question. Your mail should be impressive so that you can get a reply. In a few days you will get different views on a single topic, now open your blog and share those answers with your readers. I am sure your readers will enjoy reading it.

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