Welcome to CreativeBloggingIdeas blogging tutorials, today I am going to tell you a different way to get post ideas. Using today’s method will help you to learn a lot of new things about other blogs. Let’s not waste any time and start the article.

The first task

  • Firstly, select one blog that suits the niche of your blog and you have a good relationship with that blogger
  • Now, ask that blogger to swap your blog with him for one day. By swapping I mean, he will run your blog for one day and you will run his but only for one day

What will you do after swapping the blog

After swapping the blog with your friend blogger, you can analyze the following things so as to get maximum knowledge and information about his blog.

1. Which articles get very high comments

  • After getting full access to another blog, analyze it and check out which articles get high number of comments.
  • Check out what kind of articles are getting high comments, check out the categories on which the articles get high comments.
  • Adopt the same category in your blog also and start writing on it.
  • In this way, your blog will also get a high number of comments

2. Check out the all the plugins installed & settings

  • After swapping the blogs, you can also check the list of plugins installed in it, if your b; pg is missing any important plugin you can also use it in your blog and if the swapped blog is missing any plugin, tell him about it.
  • Also, check the settings made in the plugins for better output.

3. Check out which articles get high traffic from major search engines

  • Almost all blogs have plugins installed to check out the stats, open it and check out which articles are getting very high traffic from Google.
  • Make a list of around 5-10 articles that gets good traffic from Google and also gets comments, rewrite those articles in your own wordings by giving your own views and adding extra stuff to it.
  • Also, use a good Search Engine Optimized title and description so as to get top on Google. In this way, the first benefit you will get after swapping the blog is you will get to know which articles get high number of comments.

4. Check out the coding part

  • If you like any good feature in the theme/template of swapped blog, check out the coding and use it in your blog (by taking permission).
  • This will help to make your blog more attractive

5. See trash/draft posts

  • Check out the posts in the trash, sometimes it happens that an idea strikes in our mind but we do not get enough content to write on it.
  • Check out the articles in trash or draft and if you think you can write a detailed article on it, then go ahead.
  • Either you can submit the guest post on the same blog or by taking permission to publish that post in your own blog

So, these were five different tasks that you can do after swapping the blog in order to get high traffic and post ideas. If you have any extra stuff to share, drop a comment, if I like it I’ll definitely add it to my post by giving full credits.

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