Ultimate Idea To Get Post Ideas & Learn New Things

Welcome to CreativeBloggingIdeas blogging tutorials, today I am going to tell you a different way to get post ideas. Using today’s method will help you to learn a lot of new things about other blogs. Let’s not waste any time and start the article. The first task Firstly, select one blog that suits the niche […]

Backlinks Or Original Content? Which Is More Important

This is the fifth article in Google Mythbuster series, and today I’ll talk a little about backlinks and content, which is the one that Google gives more preference? Let’s start: Now, if you search for “get post ideas” keywords in Google, this post of mine appears on the front page. Have a look: My blog page […]

Importance of highlighting keywords in a post

The groundwork for good SEO Ok, so you have done the groundwork for writing your posts: You are writing one post per keyword You have the correct keyword density in your post while making sure that you haven’t stuffed the post with the keyword You have used the keyword at all the right places in the post You also have […]

Review of WordPress (WP) Plugin – SEO Title Tag

Background – Keywords in the page title tag It is very important to have your keyword in the “title” tag of your pages. This is one element the search engine spiders pay the most attention to in your blog post.   SEO Title Tag Plugin for WordPress (WP) By default, WordPress has your post title […]

Keywords in the title meta tag – a must for good SEO

It is important to have the right proportion of keywords in your post text, but there are many other places where the keywords should be present for a well-optimized post. One such place is the post’s Title meta tag. What is the “title” meta tag? A meta tag is an HTML element that is present in the […]

Review of WordPress Plugin – SEO Ultimate

If you have been blogging and using WordPress for even a few weeks, you would have heard of the All In One SEO plugin used to optimize blog posts. It is a great plugin and is very widely used. However, it is also quite old. Shouldn’t you be looking for fresh alternatives if you have […]

What factors to check in your site’s traffic analysis package for better SEO

A site traffic analysis package like Google Analytics provides lots of matrices to you. If you check each of them daily, you would not be able to do anything else! The way out is to prioritize and look at the most important factors every day. The others can be observed once a week or once in two […]

How to choose the right keywords for ranking high in search engine results

Why do you take up SEO for your blog? To attract visitors to your blog through search engines. And how do you attract these people? You do that by optimizing your posts or pages for particular words that are relevant for your topic.     What are Keywords? These words that represent the topic you […]

7 Ways to Implement Internal Linking of Your Posts for Better SEO

  Links are very important from an SEO point of view – this includes both external links and internal links. Of the two, internal links are far easier to implement, as you have total control over them. The question is: How should you implement your internal linking strategy for getting the best SEO results? Here […]