How To Backup WordPress : 100% Secure & Working Method

It’s been 6 years I am using WordPress and there is a major method every WordPress user must know and that is how to safely backup WordPress. In this tutorial, you will learn how to backup the WordPress database, posts, comments, database, plugins & themes. Not only this, in this method I’ll tell you how […]

How do I Clean a Malware Infected WordPress Website?

Malware Infected WordPress Website – Time Warp If only you could go back in time and install some sort of utility, to prevent your “Malware Infected WordPress Website” issue. If only there was a WordPress Plugin, by a renowned security company, which could audit your website and notify you, at the first sign of issues. […]

Why Should You Register Domain Name for More Than 1 Year

For How Long Should a Domain Name be Registered? The short answer – the longer, the better!   Most domain name registrars allow domain name registration from 1 year to a maximum of 10 years. Most new bloggers register the domain name only for one year since it means spending the least possible amount! However, if you […]

How To Enable Membership / Member Registration On Your Blog/Website

By default, WordPress comes with a useful membership features – you can have registered members on your blog, and you can group your members into different membership levels or roles. However, registration for new members is disabled by default. Let us see how you can enable new member registration on your blog.   Why would […]

WordPress Security & Why the Plugin Alone Is Not Responsible

A WordPress website is usually less secure as it is an open-source project. A single plugin like iThemes Security (or any other plugin) is even not enough for your website security. How can a single plugin cover for an obvious username, a poor password, a poor hosting service or an outdated version of WordPress, themes […]

Top WordPress Security Plugins for your website

I wrote this post as a companion to my previous article Simple WordPress Security Tips Helping Save Your Website. While that post explained how picking a strong password and using CAPTCHA, I would now like to show how to use plugins to increase security. With a click of a button, a plugin makes it easy for […]